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welcome to the calliope project

The Basics

Ethnicity-Nationality: Filipino-American
Hometown: somewhere in California
School: University of Somewhere
Age: 18 Virgo


I'm the first child of my lucky (but possibly unlucky) parents born in Yokosuka, Japan which is dominated by an American navy base. So, yes, I'm an American navy brat. My family almost follows that Filipino-American family trend in which the father is in the navy and the mother is a nurse. Only my mom isn't a nurse. She used to be a dentist but she likes to deny that.

For the first five years of my life, I lived as the bratty only child. I wasn't a brat but I guess I was a little spoiled. Then along came my brother, born premature at six months in the Philippines. It's strange because I don't ever recall my mom having a baby in her. I knew she was pregnant but I don't remember her looking pregnant. Maybe I was too young or maybe it just shows how small he was. Because of his early birth, he suffers from cerebral palsy which is basically brain damage. It effects motor skills. So for the first part of my brother's life he could not walk. Don't be mistaken. He isn't 'retarded'. He's disabled. But even he doesn't like to be labeled that term. 

I'd say my life was changed very early after my brother came along. I remember him in the incubator with so many wires and medical tape around him. People didn't want to touch him because he was so frail but I put my hands in the holes and touched his arm.

It's always been a long and bumpy ride. After we came to the United States, we had financial problems along with the treatment of my brother, but I think we were a happy family. My brother sometimes questions his existence. I tell him it's because I ate my cereal. When my mom first told me she was going to have a baby, I was eating breakfast. I told her that I wanted a brother. She said "Ok, finish your cereal then." So I did. So me and my brother have this ongoing joke about cereal. When I get annoyed with him, he jokes around saying that I shouldn't have eaten my cereal. Or he says "eat your cereal." Yeah, twisted kid, I know.

I didn't really like middle school or high school. Or even elementary school or even college so I won't talk about it. Actually, I'm in college so you'll hear me complaining a lot about that.

In high school, I met Xab whose first words to me was "You're boring." I somehow ended up going out with him, still to this day. I consider him my best friend.

Currently, I'm a miserable college student. I'm planning on double-majoring in psychology and political science, or at least majoring in psychology. I usually can't think past next week so I really don't know where I'm going.