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Alias: Xaboomoomoo- Wow, this name is now over three years old.  Cal and I made it up sometime in the tenth grade, and I just sort of adapted to it.  It's a pretty good name, because I never have to think of a new name, because no one takes it.

Real Name:

Sex: Male

Hometown: In between Santa's Workshop and the Penguin Breeding grounds.  Actually, somewhere in Southern California

Birthday: August 18, 1983.  Born and bred in the Philippines, for an astonishing five years.  Then, I was "adopted" by my aunt and uncle, and then my brother and sister and I became Navy brats and lived in Japan, Philippines, Guam, and then back to the states.  

Ethnicity:  Filipino and I think some Chinese blood.  My grandfather is supposed to be Chinese, but I haven't seen him since I left the Philippines the first time.  I think I really don't know my Filipino heritage.  All I know is that they're supposed to be loud, and "thrifty."  Cal has that part in her, the "thrifty" part.  We go "free" shopping, or I just download stuff off the internet.  Hey, we have school to pay.  Overpriced books and overpriced education...

Marital Status:  Taken by the love of my life.  Cal's my best friend.  We've been through everything together, probably in part because we created those things, willingly or unwillingly. Okay, everyone, turn around while I tell Cal something.  I know at times, I'm a dork.  I just want to tell you thank you for putting up with me.  Even though we've had dips and bumps, I wouldn't change a thing.  Okay, everyone can turn around again.

Personality:  I'm not quite sure.  I tend to do things based on instinct, but I think about whether or not my instinct is correct.  Weird, huh? People call me annoying at times.  In fact, Cal's friends called me annoying.  But that was because I guess I was just so excited for human conversation, because I've spent the three hours all by myself, everyday.  Well, that, and I guess I really don't care about what people think about me, because probably don't care.

Occupation:  Um...first year, second semester student at the "oh, so wonderful SDSU."  I really  wanted to go somewhere to go to school, instead of staying at home.  My parents said that they would support my decision.  And when I finally made my decision, all I got was one big guilt trip.  So now, I have to stay at home and waste away.  But that's okay, I want to finish early and fulfill my life-long dream: either take over the world, or get married to cal and work with NASA.  I wonder which one would actually come true. ^_^

Major:  Aerospace Engineering.  I've always had this fascination of outer space.  I hope to visit it one of these days.  For those of you who wants something to read, I highly recommend Space by James Michner, as a novel, that's not a classic.

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