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Just finishin putting up most of the site. Cal still has more stuff for me to do. :)
posted by xab on 10:56 PM Have you ever had one of those days where everything just goes wrong. No, not the day when you run over your dog and find out that it was your sister who was digging for buried treasure behind the fence, therefore causing it to collapse, in which you have to fix over the weekend (no, that didn't happen to me, I just thought it might be a fun example).

No, I'm talking about those classic "sitcom" bad days. You know, the one where as soon as you get out of bed, you just have this streak of bad luck. Well, I personally don't believe in luck, but it's just funny how somethings turn out. To start of, I've been having this little argument with this bird outside. For the past three days now, it's been chiping early in the morning. I don't mind the fact that it's chirping at six in the morning. It's a nice alarm clock for me, if I was sleeping. What bothers me was the loud screeching noise it makes, repeatedly. ARGH.

So everything turns out to be pretty fine, until after my anthropology class. Wanting a little break while I walked over to the most boring calculus class ever, all the way across campus, I decide to get an ice cream bar at the vending machine. So the machine accepts my money. And it's about the dispense it. Except, it gets smart and decides not to, halfway between! So there's my ice-cream bar, teetering at the edge of the machine, with no way to take it. After a swift kick near the bottom of machine, I can see that the ice-cream bar and the machine has formed a strong bond, to the dismay of my stomach. In the words of GIR, "I miss my (ice-cream bar)."

After talking to Cal, and repeated wishes to be (re)united with my ice-cream bar, I felt somewhat better. Then the lovely community of Morpheus decides to throw me a curve ball. I finally finished downloading AutoCAD 2001, to help with our future projects. Turns out the file is corrupted. There goes five hours worth of downloading. After that, Morpheus also finishes downloading a copy of the Spider-Man game. Turns out that that file is corrupted too. There goes another five hours, actually more, because it's been put on hold for so long.

Well, enough of this ramblings. On a more serious note, I actually wanted to get back home after getting chicken from our El Polo Locco. Turns out that this is the day that most crazy/stupid drivers come out.
posted by xab on 10:44 PM

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