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Today, I told my self that I was going to "work" on all of the stuff I have on my post it notes. Well, shoot that bird down. Well, to be fair, I did get stuff done. I redid some of my class notes, worked a little on some videos, and watched TV. Stupid TV, there was nothing good on too. Oh well. On the plus side, I also finished downloading marcromedia dreamweaver and firework. So pretty soon, maybe in about six months. =) Well, going to finish these videos now.
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Well, things are getting put up, little by little. I put up the start of a guestbook and a couple pages. I still have a couple problems though, like with the java script and the links, but that'll be done in time. Things have been pretty slow(er) like/than usual. I got my physics test back today though. I'm mad at myself. I got a two out of seven points possible. If that wasn't bad enough, I could've at least had four points, if i didn't mix up the signs on my final answer. GRR no partial credit. But that's okay. We get to drop one exam grade, so I guess this is the grade. Well, my headache's coming back, so I going to lie down now.
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YAWN! Cal did get me tired for the past five days. But it was really fun though. My niece is funny, though she was rather reserved. I was telling that to my sister-in-law, and she didn't believe me. Good thing Cal was there to back me up. Too bad we didn't get to say bye to her. My niece fell asleep in the car, and it wasn't even a five minute drive. But it was fun.
While we were playing in the park, we played with this kid. No one knew who he was, and he was sort of shy, but Cal asked him if he wanted to play. He said yes. It's nice, seeing that whole community thing working. It was sort of sad when he wouldn't tell us his name, for obvious reasons. So we gave him a couple: "Bob" and "Secret." But the name didn't last long. We had fun though, and that was all that counts.
That carnival was fun though. As much as it seems like a rip off, I think I wanted to win something for Cal. I was thinking of a big blue duck, but I have very traumatizing experiences with ducks. My friend has this huge obsession with ducks, ducks everywhere! The bad thing was, I was the one who got her on this whole duck thing.
Today, I ran into one of Cal's friends. She was one of the people we were supposed to do something with over the weekend, but she cancelled. It was a quick conversation, she just asked me if Cal left for San Diego already. I was sort of sad when I answered. I guess I just had one of those moments when I missed her. Hmm, I wonder if Cal's friend noticed.
Well, Cal's going on another HTML tirade, so I better distract her before she gets too much into it and forgets to sleep.
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