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Just got back from Irvine. This was one of my most death defying drives ever. Too bad I don't remember half of it. Or maybe it's because I don't remember half of it why it's the most death defying. Cal and I usually have this tradition to talk to each other while I drive back down from Irvine. Well, today, Cal was talking to her friends, which is a good thing. Except, now that I don't have anyone to talk to, I fell asleep. I think I was asleep most of the drive over. It's just an odd sensation, but that's what those bumpy thingies on the road are. It's to wake the driver up after they fall asleep on the wheel. To anyone who happened to see a car driving very odd tonight, it was probably me, so I apologize.
Other than that, Valentines was an odd day. It was spent doing homework and fixing stuff, and playing. In Cal's dorm, there's this blind that just won't co-operate with anyone. So I finally got tired of it and fixed it. Well, I tried, I didn't know whether or not it would work. But it works, too bad no one cared whether or not it does. But that's okay, I feel very handy now.
posted by xab on 10:56 PM I'm going to blog now, because Cal's on the phone, yelling at me to blog. Actually, I think I helped her with her english essay, she's just doing an outline or something now. Except I didn't know that, so when I started yakking about something she told me to shut up. Literally. She suggested that I blog. So that's what I'm going to do now.
I saw and interesting video in my Aerospace Engineering class today. It was about the people who made the first man-powered flight. I always wanted to fly. I still do. At night, when Cal and I are trying to go to sleep, I tell her about how I'm going to get my pilot's license and we're going to go visit places, like Rome, and England, the Hagia Sophia. I think it's just the freedom of not being grounded, literally, that I seek.
Well, I'm getting tired now, so I guess I'll go lie down now.
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I'm just taking a break after doing an anthropology crossword. (It's for class, I'm not that big of a nerd). So I decided to blog. I don't want Cal yelling at me because I'm not using the layout. I really like it, it's just that I have no idea what to write about. Well, let's see. Today was a pretty boring day, which consisted of washing my car, finally, and a little light cleaning. My grandma also wanted to go look for eye-glasses and clothes, so after I picked up my sister, I drove them all down to Wal-Mart.
Actually, there was one interesting thing that happened. I was in the middle of washing the dishes, when my sister calls me, because my cell phone was ringing. Turns out, it was my partner from the kotillion. Last night, she asked me if I knew any Buddhist temples, so I asked one of Cal's friends, who happens to be Buddhist. She knew one and gave me an address. When my friend called me tonight, she was sort of yelling at me, saying it wasn't there. So I called "Person Two" (Cal's friend) up again, and she gives me a different address. Yeah, so after a while, they find it, after going around it five times. They thought it was a school. Then it was closed. So that was that.
Well, off to finish studying for my anthropology and calculus midterm. Hey, that sounds so grown up now.
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Today's pretty boring. Well, actually, apparently, there was this traformer that blew up in my school today. It actually raised in the air and started a little fire. Too bad I missed it by about thirty seconds. Oh, if you're bored and want to talk to something on AIM, say hi the the screen name "SmarterChild."
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Hi all. Wow, Cal's so sweet. She did the whole layout for me. Well, for the past month or so, I haven't had time to do it because of the kotillion thingy. Well, see, it was my friend's 18th birthday Friday the 8th, so she decided to have a debut on Saturday, the 9th. Yeah, so 18 other people and I have been practicing a waltz for almost two months now. That's not too bad, except I have no rhythm what so ever. Well, I'm just glad that whole thing is over. I feel sort of bad though. I didn't get to finish any of the stuff I wanted to do for her. To be fair, I didn't get any of the things I wanted to. There was this video thingy, and a mix. But they didn't give me any of the stuff until the morning of (the thing wasn't supposed to start until 7 pm). Yeah, so after that, I was supposed to look for an LCD projector. That took about an hour to find. Actually, it took about 30 minutes, thanks to Cal. But I had to go drive up and down because they wanted me to pick up a lap top right away. So I went to pick up the LCD projector, except it turns out there's a $1500 security deposit, on a credit card. So I had to drive a 20 minute drive back down to get someone with a credit card. After missing the off ramp, we finally got the projector. There was a whole lot of other stuf, but I think it's getting boring now.
Yeah, so that was my day yesterday. Now, Cal's supposed to be studying, but I don't think she will, because her roommate's back. Well, if you're reading this Cal...
thanks for the layout. I'll try to make it up to you. I know, I know, the entire site is now officially up. Well, sort of. Now, I have to go put up the rest of the things.
Well, that's all for now. Must go do something else.
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