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Aye. I know I haven't done a post in so long. Well, my computer somehow crashed, so I had to do a system restore. Thankfully, all of my data was good, only the programs went bye bye. Since I was being weird and didn't copy the software that Cal gave me, I had to wait a while until I was able to wisk it away from her lonely room. Where does this all fall into the whole "So how come you weren't able to do posts" kind of thing? I was planning on doing a whole site revamp, but something happened today that I just felt like venting. And since Cal isn't due until about thirty more minutes back here in San Diego, I'll just vent here on the site.
Well, to start off, I have a little sister. About two years younger than me, she acts as though she's five years older than me, (I'm 18). Today, she asked my mom if she can go to a basketball game. My mom said "No." She still went. Still doesn't sound bad? Well, my mom has this natural disposition to be "crazy." And not in the good way either. Well, ever since I was in the ER, she tried to be cooler. And it was working too. She was giving me hugs and kisses, something that she doesn't do, even when I was a small child. Apart from the initial embarassment, I felt it was a good choice for her. Lower the blood pressure and stuff. Well, here comes my sister, blatant disrespect. She challenged her, right there and then. My sister acted like she can do anything. Usually, I would admire that in someone, except for the fact that she was wrong. No matter the reason, I think that you shouldn't just no do what someone says, and in spite too. Too make matters worse, my sister called me on my being out everyday. I knew she was going to do it too. That made me even more mad. Sure, I go out six out of seven days a week, but heck, I'm 18 now. She's just 16. When I was her age, I went out about once a month. Besides, she hasn't always been trying to change either. She disrespects my grandma, sneaks that freaking boyfriend in during the evenings, doing the not so innocent dance. That boyfriend too is another story, maybe some other day though.
Well, that's all for now.
posted by Max Xaboomoomoo on 8:23 PM


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