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 Shining Force III Headquarters

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What system is Shining Force III for?  Where can I buy it? 
Shining Force III is for Sega Saturn.  If you want to buy it check here for a list of video game shops on the internet that carry the versions for Shining Force III and the Shining Force III Original Soundtrack. 

What's with all these characters, scenarios and discs that didn't come with my SFIII game? 
Shining Force III is really compiled of three discs (scenarios).  The English disc you have is the first scenario.  Unfortunately, developers chose not to translate the remaining two discs that Japan has.  Darn, huh? 

What is the Premium disc? 
If you're lucky and rich enough to buy all three scenarios... *sniff* I wish I could... You send in three triangle symbols from each scenario (or the barcode from the American version and the two triangle symbols) to Sega and they send you a free disc that have pictures, movies, music, etc.

How am I suppose to play Scenario 2 and 3 on a US Sega Saturn? 
Use Pro Action Replay which allows you to play imports and is also a memory card so you can save all three scenarios.  Or find other cartridges that allows your Saturn to read Japanese.  These don't translate the game into English, though. 

Yeah?  Why should I save all three scenarios? 
Because the discs refer to the previous scenarios and really impact your game play.  What you did in the previous scenario can determine what characters you get in the next scenario. 

Do previous scenarios affect what happens in the next scenario? 
In case you missed the above question, YES. 

I have Scenario 2 and 3, but I don't understand Japanese!  What do I do? 
*shrug*  I don't think it would be too hard to play Scenarios 2 and 3 without understanding the language.  Do a lot of guess-work.  

Will the Scenario 2 and 3 link to the saved game from my U.S. version of scenario 1? 

Do you need Scenario 2 and 3 to complete the game? 
No, each scenario has it's own ending. 

Someone should start a petition to translate Scenarios 2 and 3. 
Good idea, but it's been tried a couple times and there has been no reports of success.  I guess we have to wait for something "Shining" on the Dreamcast something else. Or check out Moogie's Petition.

Who is the leader is Scenario 1? Scenario 2? Scenario 3? 
1. Synbios    2. Medion    3. Julian 

When can a character get promoted? 
Level 10. 

Is there a drawback to promoting characters? 
None, that I know of.

How many times could a character be promoted? 
Certain classes can be promoted twice and others three times.  In scenario 1, you can only promote the characters once. 

If a character can only get promoted a certain number of times, how did you get three or four pictures for some of them? 
They're from the Premium disc.  I found them at Camelot Software

What are these rocks (Mithril) and blocks (Dark Cubes) for? 
The Mithril and Dark Cubes can be used to make powerful weapons and accessories.  Take them to the smithy and he'll charge a fee to make your weapons.  Large Mithril is used to make weapons.  Small Mithril is used to make accessories (bracers, rings, etc.).  The Dark Cube is just like Mithril only the weapons are cursed, which mean there is a chance they'll bring harm to you. 

What are the brown maps for? 
Maps open treasure tombs where you beat on the thieves to get the treasure. 

How come I can't unlock the chests? 
You're not a thief.  Wait for the thieves to open them, then attack them. 

Ahh!  I killed the thief and he didn't give me all the treasure he took.  What do I do now? 
Nothing you could do now.  Next time, use weak characters to attack the thieves so they'll drop items and that way you won't kill them. 

Why can't I get back inside the tomb? 
You have one and only one chance inside a tomb.  Once you destroy all the thieves or retreat, the tomb self-destructs or closes. 

Are the techniques and specials random? 
Yes, but once your characters are stronger and learned more they happen more frequently. 

What is the difference between a technique and a special? 
Techniques are gained by increasing levels or experience points.  Special attacks are gained through specific weapons.

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