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asylum breakout
nick: xab
sex: male
location: san diego, ca
sign: leo
site:  mental gearbolts

nick: cal
sex: female
location: irvine, ca (hell)
sign: virgo
site: calliope project

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friday, march 8

xab: let's get a really long extension cord...
xab: about 98 miles long...
xab: i miss you...
cal: 89
cal: dummy

Aren't I so freakin' romantic? Anyway the whole thing with the 98/89 thing is that Irvine is 89 miles away from San Diego. (Yeah, we checked) but for some reason Xab keeps adding nine miles like it really matters. =P
cal had a lapse of sanity at 6:57 PM

Oh wow, Xab posted here. Pigs must have started flying again. Xab's my personal pirate since I have a monitored connection here at the dorms. Xab downloads all the animes and programs for me. Hehe. If you're a fed, I'm just kidding.
cal had a lapse of sanity at 4:40 PM

thursday, march 7

My partner from the kotillion IMed me earlier. For the ever present Douglas Adams fan in us, here's a text based game. Very fun, though somewhat confusing. Trying to get the stuff at Kazaa to download. I've had this que for Inu-Yasha episode 25 for over two months now...
xab had a lapse of sanity at 10:46 PM

wednesday, march 6

Which Action Star Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty
cal had a lapse of sanity at 5:09 PM

tuesday, march 5

Wowie! You are The Kids! You are very strange, aren't you? You're way out their doin' whatever juvenile thing floats your boat. Cool

Yes, you're right. I'm bored. But these quizzes aren't really that amusing either. On the upside, Xab and I thought of a cool domain name. Now, we just need to wait until we have the time (and money) to register and host it somewhere.

cal had a lapse of sanity at 3:54 PM

monday, march 4

64% addicted to Instant Messenger. How about you?
cal had a lapse of sanity at 9:01 PM

I need my video game hit. Something's wrong with my Shogo program and it doesn't work. ARG! I need to shoot some polygons. Right now, I sent my friend this picture and she's down the hall so if she decides to assassinate me, I have about thirty seconds to evacuate the building......... Ah, no, she's already seen the picture. Darn. There goes my prank for the day.

cal had a lapse of sanity at 12:28 PM

sunday, march 3

This is an interesting site: Bruce's Lego Site; especially for the maniacal Lego freak (me!). Hehe.
cal had a lapse of sanity at 7:58 PM

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