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asylum breakout
nick: xab
sex: male
location: san diego, ca
sign: leo
site:  mental gearbolts

nick: cal
sex: female
location: irvine, ca (hell)
sign: virgo
site: calliope project

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wednesday, february 13

I redid another layout. I'm obsessed with layouts. Another thing I'm obsessed with is a lack of color. I don't know why. It just looks amusing to me for some reason. This layout didn't come out the way I wanted it to. I wonder how long until I change this one. Hehe, I should stop messing around with this. I'm already behind in my studies.
cal had a lapse of sanity at 8:08 PM

sunday, february 10

I was surfing the internet and I came across this article, 25 Great Asian American Universities (whatever that means). Anyway, UC Irvine ranks 8th on this list with "very high" standards/prestige and "superb" ambience/quality of life. I find that funny. But what I find even funnier is that UCI is 58% Asian and it looks like we have the highest Asian population of all the twenty five schools. You'd think I'd feel at home in a place were "you all look alike" but this place scares me more and more each day. =p
cal had a lapse of sanity at 10:11 AM

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