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asylum breakout
nick: xab
sex: male
location: san diego, ca
sign: leo
site:  mental gearbolts

nick: cal
sex: female
location: irvine, ca (hell)
sign: virgo
site: calliope project

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friday, february 8

I finished a new layout. Check Xab's page. Again not a super fancy layout but I like it and he likes it. I already hate the layout on this page but I'm so busy and sick of HTML that I'll take a break from this for a while.
cal had a lapse of sanity at 11:35 PM

thursday, february 7

Man, I finally got this blog going. Finally. After four hours of trying to figure out that absolute scrollable area thingy. I wonder how long until I get sick of this layout again. Hehe. Today, my study day but that never happened, but it's OK! I have 6 hours until my bedtime. Anyway, a sick picture I found while I was looking for a picture of road for the layout. You can find some weird stuff on Google's image search.

cal had a lapse of sanity at 4:52 PM

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