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asylum breakout
nick: xab
sex: male
location: san diego, ca
sign: leo
site:  mental gearbolts

nick: cal
sex: female
location: irvine, ca (hell)
sign: virgo
site: calliope project

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sunday, february 24

Today, Cal and I visited this site The Hero Machine. It's a pretty fun site, where you can make characters. Hmm, looks like I can't get them on with out uploading the pictures to the site. I'll do that tomorrow, getting ready for bed right now. Sorry Cal. =P I'll get to it first thing when I get home tomorrow.
xab had a lapse of sanity at 11:38 PM

friday, february 22

The Calliope Project is on The Weblog Review. I got a 5 out of 5. I was a little happy about it. Until I read the reviewers other reviews. She gave a 5 to everyone else too. So, maybe my journal is just like everyone else's? Too bad it doesn't matter. (need A on essay, need A on essay)
cal had a lapse of sanity at 9:34 AM

thursday, february 21

I've been drooling over the Canon Powershot G2 digital camera (click here) ever since I saw some photos on the internet taken using that camera. Sure, those photos aren't all about the camera. It lies with the photographer's skills and all these other factors- but let's get serious, my $30 digital camera can never do something like that. MAN, I wish I had a camera like that but I guess I'll have to settle with my crappy digital camera for now. It really isn't that bad really for $30. You don't have to worry about buying film and NO, it's not a disposal digital camera like a lot of my friends think. It takes pictures but the quality isn't that great. :( I guess I have to settle with this camera for now. The Powershot G2 is about $800, money I don't have. It's kind of scary because I'm going to get a job over the summer to help my mom pay for a car they're going to get me. I really don't care much for cars. Just as long as it runs and has a brake. But... camera... I wonder where my paycheck will go.
cal had a lapse of sanity at 12:09 PM

wednesday, february 20

Added some cool links to the sidebar. I was kinda bummed about keeping this blog and the journal because no one really visits. well, people visit but they don't ever return. I wonder if my life is really that boring. Anyway, I guess I shouldn't think about if people come back or not. Writing should be for me and not anyone else.
cal had a lapse of sanity at 10:04 PM

tuesday, february 19

Xab, all you have to do to annoy your professor is sit in the front row of the lecture hall with a very intellectually bored look on your face. No need to bring friends.

Hey guess what! My friend who just replaced her stolen $400 bike had the tires burned off this morning. Why do people in Irvine have to steal and vandalize? Don't they have enough money hoarded for themselves already???
cal had a lapse of sanity at 11:37 AM

monday, february 18

Cal's yelling at me! Must put an entry into blog! While surfing the net, one comes by those "How to annoy your professor" pages. Well, I would like to make another entry to that list, only if you can get other people to do it with you:
While the teacher is talking, a bunch of your friends stands up and moves on seat over. Continue every five minutes, of, if a slide presentation, whenever the slide changes.
This has been a moment of my odd neurons, today that page achromatic.

xab had a lapse of sanity at 11:19 PM

I found this pretty cool journal prompt website called The If Project. It has some interesting questions to answer in your journals. Helps you question your morals and beliefs.. a little bit. Anyway, worth a try.
cal had a lapse of sanity at 9:43 PM

wednesday, february 13

I redid another layout. I'm obsessed with layouts. Another thing I'm obsessed with is a lack of color. I don't know why. It just looks amusing to me for some reason. This layout didn't come out the way I wanted it to. I wonder how long until I change this one. Hehe, I should stop messing around with this. I'm already behind in my studies.
cal had a lapse of sanity at 8:08 PM

sunday, february 10

I was surfing the internet and I came across this article, 25 Great Asian American Universities (whatever that means). Anyway, UC Irvine ranks 8th on this list with "very high" standards/prestige and "superb" ambience/quality of life. I find that funny. But what I find even funnier is that UCI is 58% Asian and it looks like we have the highest Asian population of all the twenty five schools. You'd think I'd feel at home in a place were "you all look alike" but this place scares me more and more each day. =p
cal had a lapse of sanity at 10:11 AM

friday, february 8

I finished a new layout. Check Xab's page. Again not a super fancy layout but I like it and he likes it. I already hate the layout on this page but I'm so busy and sick of HTML that I'll take a break from this for a while.
cal had a lapse of sanity at 11:35 PM

thursday, february 7

Man, I finally got this blog going. Finally. After four hours of trying to figure out that absolute scrollable area thingy. I wonder how long until I get sick of this layout again. Hehe. Today, my study day but that never happened, but it's OK! I have 6 hours until my bedtime. Anyway, a sick picture I found while I was looking for a picture of road for the layout. You can find some weird stuff on Google's image search.

cal had a lapse of sanity at 4:52 PM

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